The Gigantic Jelly-Blob

The Gigantic Jelly-Blob (2015-ongoing) is part of a larger investigation into the creation, validation, and dissemination of art in the immaterial economy. e un- controllable, diffuse monsters of financialization and precarity invade not only our work ethics but also the most personal corners of our lives. What is the role of the artist in a nancialized (art) world?e viewer is invited to participate in a lecture- performance with Karga in which they will shape an immaterial sculpture, creating thus a space for communication, togetherness, and embodiment of ideas. Using ction and metaphors, they are looking across a capitalist horizon and share their ndings, reections, and ideas. No particular knowledge or skills are required.

Pictures of the performance at Athens Biennial 2015 and transmediale/conversation piece 2016.

The performance includes a sound intervention by sound artist Dimitris Papadatos.