Exercises in Walking and Talking

For the Exercises in Walking and Talking (2014), I engaged for a month in ‘walking and talking’ on the theme of education with visitors of the exhibition. e meditative act of walking, one that will help us fo- cus on our real time communication and also on our inner knowledge, was precisely the essence of the exercise, which was performed freely and was every time unique. To complete the exercise, we revisited our conversation, by recalling key points in a typewritten transcription. The collection of the transcriptions becomes a contemporary history of what people in Athens today feel about knowledge and its dissemination. Many participants saw this artwork as an alternative educational activity while the consensus called for an educational reform, more based on understanding and substance.

Exercises in Walking and Talking was commissioned for the exhibition ‘A THOUSAND DOORS’ which was an initiative of by NEON Foundation in cooperation with the Whitechapel Gallery and has been curated by Iwona Blazwick.