Food is Energy

A pyramidal hybrid greenhouse is home to a forest garden. This is a permaculture practice in which food plants are intermixed so they grow in layers and take the shape of pyramidal growth. The forest garden promotes the coexistence of food plants that complement and support each other. It is a low-maintenance system for sustainable food production and exemplifies the polyculture used in small-scale farming, as opposed to the monoculture practice of large-scale industrial agriculture. Food Is Energy is an permanent interdisciplinary laboratory at the Agricultural University Athens. Different departments of the Agricultural University are involved in the project. Students from various disciplines conduct experiments there as part of their studies.

Food is Energy, 2018
A project by Valentina Karga and Marjetica Potrč
in collaboration with the Department of Gardening of the AUA (Christina Migkirou)
Building materials, energy and water-supply infrastructure, food plants, 36 m2
Part of the exhibition Geometries curated by locus athens (Olga Hatzidaki and Maria Thalia Carras)
Supervision: George Kalivis
Ecological study: Ecology Lab of the AUA (prof. Gerasimos Arapis)
Supported by the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) and the Onassis Cultural Center.