Miracle Mountain

In Miracle Mountain (MM) (2016), Collective Disaster (CD) combines knowledge from alchemy, geobi- ology, composting, and healing practices. Visitors and neighbours can enjoy a calm social space, dipping their feet in hot water with healing qualities. Science has proven that water has memory and carries information. A well-structured water can make people feel positive, just as experiments prove the opposite: people can inuence the struc- ture of water by the way they feel. e installation is composed by a positive and a negative volume, a male and a female, a yin and a yan: a giant compost pile and a water reservoir. Water flows from one to the other, constantly alternating between hot and cold, because of the heat that is generated due to the fermentation of compost, one of the alchemical processes. MM is an alchemical device, whose layout takes the shape of the symbol the philosopher’s stone. It seeks the divine marriage between the opposites; here, hot and cold water. The water will gain a good structure, thanks to the harmonious alternation.e water pipe is made out of copper and the reservoir out of stainless steel, choices based on geobiology, a study of the influence of earth energies on forms of life. Steel has a healing eect on nightmares and rheumatisms. Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat; it is also believed to conduct spiritual energy. CD believes that the synergy of aluminium, copper and naturally heated, well-structured water, will create a electromagnetic eld that will transfer an amplified positive energy to the bathers and all ora and fauna around. The idea of using the compost heat for heating up water dates back to the invention of Jean Pain, a French innovator.