A residency on Planet B

Planet B is an exhibition at the NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf curated by artistic director Alain Bieber and Joanna Szlauderbach. The exhibition is far from static; it is growing while artists are invited to live inside a Rocket (created by Labor Fou).  I spent 10 days in there, researching on the topic ‘alternative economies’ and sharing the process with the public. My take was that the first thing to take place on Planet B is healing ourselves from the traumas of late Planet A. Trough this healing process we might learn something about letting go of pats structures and institutions that are not relevant any longer, and with a clear, ‘new’ mind, come up with some truly new ideas. Therefore, we practiced everyday active meditation, Yoga, drove to Nordenau to pick up some healing water and did a guided slime meditation. I also installed a DIY Cosmic Energy Accelerator for the peoples of Planet B. Planet B is a state of mind and it is available right here and right now.

  • jelly meditation

    jelly meditation

  • preparing for the jelly meditation

    preparing for the jelly meditation

  • pyramid installation closeup

    pyramid installation closeup

  • the banana experiment

    the banana experiment