Who cares? feminist art festival

In the frame of Who Cares? a feminist art festival in Berlin I will co-create the work: CIRCLE #2 A RESTING INFRASTRUCTURE in cooperation with Mina e.V. Some spots are still open, so please join us for this workshop or for any other event of the festival! The work we will create will remain as part of the festival.

In our growth-driven culture, rest is a theme that is either neglected or commodified. However, growth needs rest; there cannot be one without another. Growth alone is unsustainable and rest alone is inertia. Facilitating rest is care and an important active measure, for oneself, for a community or the planet. Join me in making a soft circular infrastructure, with textiles that we will colour with natural dyes and draw on them with earthen pigments. You will learn about the alchemy of natural colour and we will create together empowering thoughts to counter-balance the culture of growth with a culture of rest and care.

Please note that the applicable infection protection ordinance is included in the planning. The festival’s hygiene concept will be adapted to the situation in November. The participants will be informed about this in advance about one week before the start of the workshop.

I will also be part of the podium discussion on Nov. 14, 5 pm, VISIONEN EINER FÜRSORGLICHEN GESELLSCHAFT.