Valentina Karga was born in Chalkidiki, a peninsula complex in Greece. She understands humans and among them herself as “nature becoming self-conscious” and currently, through her art and story-telling, she is working on challenging the notion of “self” and creating non-anthropocentric future narratives. In our three-fold reality, she lives in Berlin where she is an artist, an architect and a professor at HFBK Hamburg. A large part of her projects encourage engagement and participation, facilitate practices of commoning and are concerned with sustainability. She works across different media, often inviting  a public or a community to literally complete the work. Sometimes, through dialogue and building prototypes in a DIY manner, they end up imagining alternatives for infrastructures and institutions that structure our reality. This is what she calls ‘Art as Simulation’. She is a founding member of Collective Disaster, an interdisciplinary group that works in the interstices of architecture and the social realm.

She has been a fellow at the Berlin Centre for Advanced Studies in Arts and Science/Graduate school, University of the Arts Berlin, a Saari Fellow in Finland, an NTU-CCA resident in Singapore and she has been awarded the Vilém Flusser Residency for Artistic Research. Among others, her work has been shown at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, the transmediale festival, the Athens Biennial, the 1st Thailand Biennial, the Moscow Biennial for Young Arts, the Kiasma museum, Hippolyte Gallery in Helsinki and a major exhibition curated by Whitechapel Gallery.

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