Valentina Karga

Our Coming Community- preview event


My latest project “Our Coming Community’, was a collaboration with local residents of Maunula, a neighbourhood in north Helsinki, in order to produce together a conceptual work of art. We reflected on the idea of ‘values’, at a time where many of the values that used to support our societies are falling apart. It feels as if a new world is on the making, a world which we don’t know yet how it will be, but, we can design a conceptual pillar of values, that will support this coming world, ‘our coming community’. We also made a collaborative video lecture on the same topic.

Here are some pictures of the preview event where we gathered with all the collaborators, friends and neighbours, at the community centre (Saunabaari) who so generously hosted us and supported us all this time, to celebrate our collaborative creation.

The project has been produced by m-cult, in the frame of the residencies they offer through their collaboration with the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programe.

Credits here. 


All photos by Jaime Culebro.