Valentina Karga

Market for Immaterial Value

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Market For Immaterial Value at transmediale/conversation piece, 2016

Market For Immaterial Value is an investigation on creating, validating and disseminating art in the era of immaterial economy. Art cannot be oblivious to its own conditions of creation and exchange. Valentina and Pieter, two young artists, are looking over a capitalist horizon and share their findings, reflections, ideas, personal utopias and fears of dystopias. What is the role of the artist in a financialized (art)world? They create spaces, online and offline, to research through discussions, which they consider to be collaborations. 

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Apart from creating discursive spaces for sharing the heaviness of financial abstraction, Valentina and Pieter are also experimenting with challenging market structures in practice. They are researching ways towards a more economically sustainable art practice, not depended on external funds or on the dictations of the speculative art market. More specifically, they are creating a market for the artwork Valentina and Pieter invest in themselves, a golden coin-like sculpture, in which, the public has the possibility to actively participate in the value creation of art.