Valentina Karga

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Very happy to have contributed to the 3rd issue of the Reap and Sow publication edited by Virág Major , among many other interesting artists. Why do artists become farmers?

Contributors: Collective Plant, Andrea  FAJGERNÉ DUDÁS and Eszter Ágnes SZABÓ, ex-artists’ collective, Fallen Fruit, finger group and Katalin ERD?DI, Ivan Ladislav GALETA, Fernando GARCIA-DORY, Gergely HORVÁTH – Róbert NAGY, Valentina KARGA, Christoph KELLER, Elke KRASNY, George McKAY, Miklós MÉCS, Myvillages, Nils NORMAN, Endre Lehel PAKSI, Claire PENTECOST, Klaus PICHLER, Harry SACHS – Franz HÖFNER

About Reap and Sow:

Having received a lot of attention by contemporary art recently, the topic of this Lumen Station publication is agricultural production. More specifically, strategies of self-sustenance and survival for individuals, small groups or a whole society, that have emerged primarily but not exclusively within art projects and initiatives launched by artists.

Utopias, an ever unreachable ideal world and the other side of the coin, dystopias, the nightmare of a dark, fearful era have been present all along known human history. However, in the recent past there has been an inevitable abundance of theories forecasting a collapse, and, parallel or maybe even as a response to these,  appeared agricultural production, self sustenance and return to nature as more optimistic, counter-utopian ideas. This is not so much an artistic impulse, but a social phenomenon, which however interests many socially-engaged artists.

Editor: Virág Major
Co-Editors: Krisztina Erdei, Gergely László, Judit Szalipszki
Graphic Design: Katarina Ševi?
Publisher: Lumen Photography Foundation –

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