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A project by Collective Disaster

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Temple of Holy Shit is a public compost toilet and terra-preta sanitation system at Parckdesign 2014 in Brussels, whose purpose is to convert the bio-waste and bodily wasteproduced by the park and its visitors into a rich type of soil (terra-preta) for the gardens in and around the area.

One of the events we organised  around the temple was SATURNALIA, a revival of an ancient Roman pagan feast dedicated to Saturn, the god of agriculture and toilets. Saturnalia was celebrated in ancient Rome with a public banquet, followed by gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere in a state of social egalitarianism. On the 5th of July 2014, during Ramadan (there is a big muslim population in the neighborhood), we started the ritual with a series of creative expression exercises lead by Sonia Saurer, where we became a bit more comfortable with getting to know each other by looking people at the eyes, and with touch. One of the most exciting moments was the spontaneous free styling rap session with OPEN Kitchen manager Ane San Miguel and the Belgian beat boxing champion Big Ben (Click more to see the video!). Then we transformed the stage to a football cafe; the football match Belgium vs Argentina was a historical moment, even if it left Belgians with a sad feeling. Tcharmela, a cultural youth association from the neighborhood presented Jammin Taxi, a percussionist workshop for youngsters, while vegan chef Sandra Guimaraes was cooking for the feast around the Farm-truck together with the guests and people from the neighborhood. At 22.00, just after we listened to the imam’s prayer through the radio, we shared a Ramadan dinner at Mohamed’s bistro.

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Creative expression workshop

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Belgium VS Argentina

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Jammin Taxi

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around the Farm-truck with spoons that glow in the dark

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A selfie with Ane

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Typical Ramadan dinner

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Starting to eat after the Imam’s prayer

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Mohamed taking pictures of the shared feast

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Rida lighting the candles

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Sandra cooking vegan delicacies at the Farmtruck


The program as illustrated by Ane San Miguel

Collective Disaster ( Andrea Sollazzo, Louisa Vermoere, Valentina Karga, Pieterjan Grandry)  in collaboration with OPEN Kitchen, Sonia Saurer, JES,  Tcharmela, Rirbaucout & Farmtruck and Mohamed’s caffe @Parckdesign 2014.
Special thanks for their valuable contributions to Ane San Miguel, Caroline Claus, Tessa Zettel, Hans Eelens, Fatima and Sandra Guimaraes.