Valentina Karga

Summer School for Applied Autonomy

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The Summer school for Applied Autonomy is a research initiative interested in capturing the complexity of the technical know-how but also the mental state and the social skills one needs for self-sufficiency. Exploration of thematic fields such as self-reliance, open source knowledge, collaboration and self-reflection is at the very base of this project.

The school welcomes everyone, but its capacity is small; it can support only two residents per rotation. Residents must engage for a stay of one or two weeks. After the end of each rotation and the beginning of the other, the two groups overlap for one day, so that the first group transfers their knowledge to the next one. The days are structured via tasks and lessons, while each person is free to propose his own topic of research.

After the opening, residents will be living there and will be needing your support in forms of exchange for things or services they cannot produce. Please contact: