Valentina Karga

this ever-whirling engine

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This ever-whirling engine is a lecture-performance and workshop presented at  Graduale 12.

With an interest in self-sufficiency, DIY and biochemistry, Valentina Karga constructs low-tech “machines” that transform matter. Together with solar engineer Brian Edlefsen Lasch she will explain how to produce solar energy in a workshop.  Together with the participants they will build a small mobile unit for urban applications and will create a step-by-step tutorial to contribute to open source knowledge. The second event questions the existence of of waste and how contemporary society deals with it’s own organic waste. Attendants will learn how to built a simple biogas digestor and will detect processes of recycling.

A very big thank you to Pieterjan Grandry for the making of the installation, Brian Edlefsen Lasch for teaching the workshop as well as all the enthusiastic workshop participants.

All pictures by Sven Hagolani.

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this ever whirling engine

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