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The future of the World




presents the Future of the World

17 June, 7 pm, Tempelhof Airfield, Berlin

By pisteras3000 (Rosario Talevi & Ana Vogelfang) + Valentina Karga (BerlinFarmLab)+ Sandra Teitge (Dinner Exchange Berlin)

A few months ago we met Matthias Rick and Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius with the idea of establishing a temporary alliance between our TU Berlin Seminar on Experimental Architecture and raumlaborberlin for “Die Grosse Weltausstellung 2012”.

The seminar states itself as a platform where students, researchers, collaborators, friends and favourites meet to discuss urban activation processes. It intends to research forms of organization beyond the university context by encouraging thinking and acting on real time.

In this context, Matthias entrusted us his Mappa Mundi. "MAPPA MUNDI can be translated to ‘Map of the World’. However MAPPA can also mean ‘wide-spread or spreading’! (…) The drawing contains one hundred short stories and facts, which circle the earth like clouds, depicting territories, population, resources and social hierarchies.”

The goal was to turn the drawing and its research into a statement.

Later on, Valentina Karga joined the project and brought fresh ideas and expertise on how to built closed circuits that transform waste, basically leftovers or dead particles, into lifecycles. That is how our pavilion found its purpose.

The installation consists of different devices that activate processes, simple architectural elements around which workshops, dinners and collective gatherings happen. MAPPA MUNDI ON WHEELS acts as an infrastructure that ‘grows’ through a series of curated workshops dealing with public action, knowledge exchange and experimentation with do-it-yourself methods of production.

A mobile MAPPA MUNDI table, a greenhouse-rainwater collector, a worm farm, a windmill, events and workshops are parts of this pavilion-machine, which shows the world today and manifests a positive future.

In this context we invited Dinner Exchange Berlin to organize a dinner with leftover-food from markets. Our dinner guests will comprise a combination of people from different disciplines who will discuss the “Future of the World”. Curator and artist Lukas Feireiss will be moderating this event.